The wood frog bakery, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia  
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108 Barkly st
St Kilda,
Victoria, Australia, 3182
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Credit cards: Yes

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woobie says...
Don't bother
14 February 2015 (web)

The wood frog bakery epic fail experience

My partner took my daughter and I here for an impromtu Valentine day bite/refuel today. That is 14 Feb 15. What a huge mistake this turned out to be..

I thought I was being pranked at first but very quickly realized that the woman- late 20's early 30's brunette wavy hair pale complexion full figured and short-was not joking..seriously , the eyeroll and the very audible sighing when my wife and daughter took a moment to decide was palpable (sorry dear) undeniable. She even asked if anyone else wanted to be served before we had ordered everything and muttered 'is that all' at least 3 times. I asked about a toast order and was sarcastically directed to a glass cupboard containing stale loaf ends and to 'make it myself'. Whoa nelly, it aint over...I also ordered a LARGE latte in a to go cup as I sensed a need for a brief stay. We were brought a small latte in a glass of over heated milk with over extracted coffee (whoops, I used to train baristas) when i asked said barista if we could get the tall latte we paid for he just mumbled 'oh, that is what i was told you were having' and then he disappeared, not seemingly interested on any level to remedy my issue also. The food, ok, the tuna roll was dry with very average and tasteless tuna salad, soggy dry tomato slices and micro millimeter shavings of red onion with some perhaps older boiled egg slices (sorry I just gagged again). The prosciutto (tiny) roll was also quite forgettable and thinly dressed too apparently. Ttoast was edible I had one piece and left the bakery/sad excuse for a cafe, hungry, agitated and completely disgusted with the whole experience and will be advising my friends and visitors about this experience. Honestly, I have been in some dive cafe's in many cities around the world and been treated 10 times better. I also trained wait staff and barista's with much success and if I could replay a video of what I had to deal with today, it would be an instructional video to business owners and potential hospitality workers on what NOT to have occuring in a public cafe. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING...yes in all caps. I would go negative on a rating scale if possible.

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Coffee Comme ci, comma ca
Food Pretty bad

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