Seed, Mordialloc, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
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9 Centreway
Mordialloc, Melbourne
Victoria, Australia, 3195
Phone: 0395875766
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Rating:    2.3   (8 ratings)
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Breakfast: Yes
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Bean type: Jasper
Soy type: Vitasoy Cafe
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tim says...
Don't bother
3 November 2009 (web)

Really disappointing

REALLY disappointing. I went here on my birthday for brekkie, which is disappointing as later on I got an email from Midali in Balaclava asking me to come in for a coffee/brekkie review. My mate Michael has been pimping Seed for ages, so I took myself and Delightful Kate down to check it out. Menu looked good. Place a little noisy (high roof, floorboards). The logotyping etc of the place looked SUPER pro. Very impressive. Organic everything. They looked like the cared. Alas, my Funki Fungi, which was composed of a slightly cheesy cous cous on a field mushroom, on an olive bread, 2 poached eggs, tomatoe relish and pesto. Here's the go. Cous cous? Cold. Mushroom? Cold. Bread? REALLY stale. So much promise, but so let down. Coffee? Disappointing considering the apparent care gone into the business. At the critical point (food presentation and delivery) they fell into a hole. Mike tells me it's all good on the weekend but that's a huge inconsistency. I won't be back and would avoid. Cafe Blah Blah around the corner needs a review to adequately cover Mordialloc. Fortunately for everyone involved, our picnic lunch was much nicer and dinner even better (check out corner Grattan and Drummond I think it is, AWESOME pizza by the metre). Overall? If you're a risk taker, you can believe Mike and lob in on a weekend. For me though, I'd skip. Excellent visual presentation. Looking good. Substandard (i.e. <5/10). Looks good but is let down by cold cous cous and stale bread. The sad thing is, I can see how good it could be.

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Unregistered User (old says...
Not rated
15 February 2010 (web)

This is a very dissappointing review. We take great pride in our
food & coffee and if there was a problem, it would have been nice
to have been given the opportunity to correct it. With regards to the stale bread, we use olive sourdough bread, anyone who knows anything about sourdough knows that you are not going to get a fluffy bread, it most certainly was not stale as it is delivered daily. The cous cous does have some fetta in the mix, which is stated on the menu. Without being notified of the problem of a cold mushroom & cous cous, we could not rectify the problem. We encourage feedback from our customers, but would like to be given the opportunity to make things right before negative reviews are written on the interenet. We hope people will look at other reviews on sites such as urbanspoon and hopefully come in and give us a go for themselves. Cheers

Unregistered User (old says...
Not rated
15 February 2010 (web)


I am the Michael mentioned in Tim's review. I used to go to Seed a lot.

I always found the coffee on the Weekend was much better than during the week . (During the week my soy latte's often ended up burnt tasting.)

Anyway the weekends were normally great, and until a couple of weeks ago (when they served up some really dry fruit toast) I never had a bad feed. All-in-all I rate the food pretty highly, but have moved on because of the inconsistent coffee service.

Also the last time I went with my GF, her hot chocolate was poor and my lattee was sooo hot I could barely hold it. I sent it back and then got another one that was still too hot and burnt tasting. Haven't been back since.

Its a pity because I really dig the organic porridge. Hopefully they will get some consistency and I will be back for another go. Due to the many great meals I have had, they deserve another shot. It is one of the better spots in Mordi on the right day!

Unregistered User (old says...
Not rated
15 February 2010 (web)

Thanks Noleen and Jo for the comment. I can understand you're disappointed.

The cheesy cous cous was never an issue (perhaps I didn't state that clearly enough). I have sourdough whenever I can; so I know what I am talking about and this was most certainly not fresh, as presented to me (not withstanding daily deliveries).

Whilst I don't disagree on your point about being given the chance to rectify, in this instance I ordered a second coffee, which was also not great.
I have friends who've been to Seed multiple times and their view is the same as mine, so it sounds like it isn't a once off.

I'm more than happy to send a coffee or food back in most cases, however, my feeling in this case was that it wouldn't have made a difference. In any case, my opinion is that something like this should never happen.

Anyone can post a review on this site, and there's not going to be any vetting of posts before they are posted (unless someone is trolling, swearing etc). People are entitled to post their review, and others are entitled to post follow ups, or make comments (like you have above), to provide a counter-point.


Unregistered User (old says...
Not rated
15 February 2010 (web)

Thanks for both of your feedback. We have taken all your comments on board and will endeavour to improve our services in these areas. It is very important for businesses to get feedback from their customers, so as to improve their services. Hopefully you will give us another go and you will walk away happy. Cheers.

Unregistered User (old says...
Totally awesome, do not miss!
5 April 2010 (web)

I totally disagree with this review. I went there on the weekend and it's fantastic, best coffee around and I love my coffee hot, hot, hot. I live in the area and Seed has a great reputation amongst the locals and is so friendly. Do bother because you will not regret it.

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Unregistered User (old says...
Really good, worth a look
9 June 2010 (web)

Fantastic coffee, love the food!

My friend suggested meeting at Seed Cafe for lunch a few weeks ago and since I had not been there before was eager to try something new. I wasn't disappointed and I have since been going there regularly. The coffee is made just how I ask for it, the staff are always friendly and I love the food especially the calamari salad and finishing off with a slice of their flourless chocolate ganache cake. There is a heated outdoor courtyard and a private front room for mother's groups etc. Diffently give Seed a go.

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Coffee Very good

Unregistered User (old says...
Just OK (if nothing else around)
14 October 2010 (web)

slow, great concept

I have to say that I want to love Seed. I love that they do organic fairtrade coffee; but sometimes the service has disappointed. I recommend you don't go alone, particularly if it's busy, because I felt barely acknowledged. After asking 3 times about where my coffee was (I was only having coffee), I finally got it after a 45 minute wait. Coffee was ok. It was busy, there was no Age to read and I was bored & felt like a pest hassling the busy wait staff. The coffee should have been on the house I think, but I paid. So perhaps consistency is the issue. I will go back and give it another go, because I love what they're trying to do. Fingers crossed.

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Coffee Pretty bad

Unregistered User (old says...
Don't bother
24 January 2011 (web)

2nd time around still not great

I've been to Seed twice (always one for 2nd chances) but I won't be back. Coffee is inconsistent (seems to depend on who makes it), don't like lining up to order, service was very slow, some staff friendly others not so it's the luck of the draw. Food is nothing great, was hoping for all organic but wasn't. Diffently better places to eat in Mordy.

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Unregistered User (old says...
Don't bother
17 February 2011 (web)

Really bad coffee service. I am a big fan of this cafe's food, but don't even bother if you want a good coffee on your way to work. They are often really slow and the quality is inconsistent. This morning when I finally got it (12 minutes later and there were only 4 in the queue) the milk was scalding hot and they forgot to put the sugar in. Being a local, I have tried them a few times - each time I have been sadly dissappointed. I won't be going back there for a coffee.

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Unregistered User (old says...
Don't bother
16 April 2011 (web)

Go to Main Street

I've lived in Mordialloc for quite a few years and have only just realised that ugly brown building across from Woolworths is a cafe. I was excited to find a new place to have breakfast at on the weekend as Main Street is my regular but is sometimes is hard to get a table. Unfortunately I was very disappointed and wish I hadn't bothered. When you enter it feels cold, dark and unwelcoming and the staff didn't help matters, not sure I saw a single smile from any staff member. Had to wait for quite a while for our coffees which were bitter and way too hot not sure the person on the coffee machine is properly trained. Our breakfast also took a long time to come and when it did the eggs were cold and the hollandaise tasted awful. I got the impression that Seed Cafe is suppose to be organic but apart from the coffee I didn't see anything else organic. Diffently be heading back to our regular Main Street even if there is a wait for a table it is well worth it.

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chris says...
Not too bad
18 March 2012 (iPhone)

Just OK.

Went in for an afternoon coffee. Espresso lacked a nice thick crema. Flavour was reasonable, not too bitter, but nothing amazing. Latte was passable. We were given a bottle of water when we sat down, but no glasses. Had to ask 5 mins later for some glasses. I can make better espressos at home. #uninspired.

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Coffee Comme ci, comma ca

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