Cafe Lush, Pambula, NSW, Australia  
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22 Toalla St
NSW, Australia, 2549
Phone: 026495701
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Rating:    3.0   (3 ratings)
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Breakfast: Yes
Breakfast served until: Unsure
Free range eggs: Unsure
Bean type: Cosmorex
Soy type: So Good
Credit cards: Unsure

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Unregistered User (old says...
Don't bother
30 November -0001 (web)


Kate and I were punching through delightful Pambula when we happened across this spot. I put the brakes on as it looked so good from the front (a great start). Walking in, I did not hold much confidence. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by the cover, but in coffee, I find it's usually a pretty good guide. Anyway, I ordered a soy latte (So Good), and despite asking for it to not be too hot, it was too hot. To be fair, the guy making it did ask if 55 degrees was ok, and I am now aware it is still too hot (I like 45-50). Coffee was ordinary, and I ended up tipping it out in the gutter. I didn't notice what beans they used. The inside is nice, though. Very nice. Front of the cafe is below, it does present very well. You'll note the smiling photo assassin who jumped in from the side as I was taking this yelling "surprise infidel". Shocking.

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Unregistered User (old says...
Not too bad
10 April 2010 (web)

Found Cafe Lush quicker service than the 40 minute wait for coffee around the corner at Cafe 25. Atmosphere was relaxing and staff friendly. The coffee could have been stronger and ours could have been hotter. Do not opt for Cafe 25.

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Coffee Comme ci, comma ca

Unregistered User (old says...
Totally awesome, do not miss!
26 November 2010 (web)

Friendly staff, good coffee, attractive, good atmosphere

i visited cafe lush the other day. It was fantastic. The coffee was perfection!! And the staff were brilliant!!! I enjoyed my pancakes and had a take away lush juice. I cannot POSSIBLY understand what you people found wrong with this place!!

:) I highly reccommend

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destiny says...
Totally awesome, do not miss! OPINION SPAM
12 August 2012 (web)

What a brilliant, cute little cafe - Food and Coffee was exceptional :)

I personally don't agree with the first review, --
More than half the aspects listed as being terrible, were
actually not.

Allow me to elaborate...
1. You like your coffee 40-45 degrees yeah? Well listen
here sweetie, I make coffee all the time, it's my job -
- and I know for a fact that 40 degree milk, is basically
barely lukewarm. It has to be at least 65-70 degrees
for it to even create cream.

2. You say you don't know what the coffee beans are --
well, the oblivious individual strikes again! -- if you
haven't noticed, the lame photo you took outside, was in
fact right in front of the obvious big yellow coffee
bean sign!

and 3. You can't honestly say that you had to tip it out
into the gutter -- someone who has a preference for
a 45-50 degree "soy milk" coffee cannot possibly know
what good coffee really tastes like anyway

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Service Very good

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