Okie dokie, normally I'd take ages to do some sort of in-depth, well-considered, very-very-articulate launch post, but screw that - I am too busy.

So here's the deal on my new baby (you can see my older babies which are in various stages of development here and here and here).

I love the #rse out of my coffee. Not having access to delicious coffee, and I mean good quality coffee is a travesty that demands rectification.

Why "wherEspresso"? I was waxing lyrical only just this past weekend to my very good friend Michael, whilst we plundered fresh Australian snow at Dinner Plain, that I was most-weary of being highly inconvenienced by the lack of an information-rich source to enable the location of fine, quality, coffee establishments, anywhere in the world. We went about from place to place, none open past 10.30AM, to find good coffee (by the way, we found a decent place in Cilantro, more on that later). Michael also beakered (as in Beaker from the Muppets) that he needed such a service for his trips to Brisbane and China.

Being that "perfect" is the enemy of good, instead of blowing weeks on getting a tremendously near-perfect website up, I thought, "I'll use Wordpress to allow people to start submitting places so at least I have some credible metadata for the next stage of Where.Espresso." (The next stage is secret for now). Goddamn the brilliance.

Why "Where.Espresso"? It's pretty straight forward. Where is some Espresso?

So, what do you have to do to submit your very favourite coffee place?

Go here to find out. Very easy. Get cracking!

And lastly, if you have ANY suggestions on how we can improve this site, please email us.

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