Bad Review

If you've just had a bad review, first thing to remember: don't panic!

Remember that the aim of this site is to identify the best coffee spots around the world, so wherever you are (and it might mean you too, if you have our iPhone app), you'll be able to find the best coffee too.

So, the key here is to remember that we're not trying to point the finger or make cafes seem like the villain. We want to lift the standard of coffee everywhere, so the best response in these circumstances is:

  1. Drop us an email, we'll update the post to reflect the fact you've contacted us.

  2. Take the feedback onboard in a constructive manner, and, if the review points to systemic problems at the cafe, deal with them. Not everyone in the planet reads this website, so the next time someone walks in, utterly surprise them by being remarkable.

  3. Post a comment saying you'll take it on board.

Don't email us or post a comment complaining about the review (unless it's patently malicious, in which case we'll remove it). Complaining just makes it look worse than it is.

We don't censor reviews, and anyone can post a review, so expect that people's opinions will come to the fore.

The chances are, they've made those comments for a good reason, so take that on board and look to improve.

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