What this site is about

Wherespresso.com exists for the sole purpose of helping all coffee lovers find and rate great coffee anywhere in the world, all by answering one simple question: "Where have you found great coffee?"

This site is dedicated to all of us helping each other find coffee you want to drink around the world.

Anyone can make a submission!

What this site is not about

This site is NOT for the top 5-10% of coffee drinkers who are what we will respectfully call coffee geeks. The middle 40-50% (or so) of people who just want great coffee don't care about the blueberry undertones, or gaseousness of the coffee or whatever.

We just want to know where to get great coffee. If you want to read reviews by the experts, targeted to experts, check out an expert site.

How to Help

ANYONE can make a submission, it's not limited to just us. Many review sites are run by a couple of high-end coffee experts (no offence intended, I promise), with the site relying on them updating the reviews constantly.

I think it's much better to build something that everyone can contribute to.

By opening it up to everyone we make this a truly egalitarian and open resource; it's not just limited to submissions by some coffee experts.

If you love good coffee, then this site is for you. So start Twittering and Facebooking and keep an eye on the site, we have some BIG THINGS being released soon.

You can read more about this at my Welcome Post.

About the creator

Me? I am a serial escape attemptist from cubicle hell (you can watch the fireworks here) as well as a very, very concerned snowboarder, surfer, photographer, traveller, humanoid and raconteur and appreciator of fine cheeses, ports, sherries, Shirazes and Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Pretty much I am on the lookout for things I can make more awesomer for all of us.

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