Lost Customer Protection for only 3 cups of coffee a month. What are you waiting for?

Get Real Feedback from Real Customers

It's a given that you need customer feedback to make sure the business you love is running smoothly and everyone is happy.

If something goes wrong, you NEED your customers to tell you, right?

You NEED them to put their hand up and say "hey, it's cool, but something wasn't quite right on this visit."

Sadly though, most customers simply don't tell you. After all, customers find it confronting telling you if they get a bad coffee, or about a bad experience with one of your staff (hey, everyone has their off-days, right?).

Point is, they don't want to feel bad, or make you feel bad.

It doesn't take much for a once-loyal, one or two coffees-a-day (every day) customer to be turned off by one bad experience.

How would you even know if you lost a customer (apart from not seeing them every day)?

How would you know if your customers were having bad experiences? What if there was something systemically wrong that you needed to know about?

Your best customers generally won't tell you - they tell their friends

Paradoxically, your best customers - your most loyal supporters - are those who are sometimes least likely to tell you if something goes wrong. They'll almost certainly tell their friends though.

They like you, love your business, and feel bad. But a bad experience puts them in a bind.

A bad experience will likely go unflagged, that once loyal customer will walk out the door, maybe taking 3 of his or her office buddies with them (hey, I've done it).

What happens if someone who has never been to your cafe before has a bad experience? What's the lifetime opportunity cost of that lost customer?

Wouldn't it be great if they could tell you without having the discomfort of actually telling you?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get their feedback off the record - especially if it was about a bad experience?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to follow up a bad experience? You know, square things up?

Well, now there is a way.

Finally! Real feedback, from real customers, direct to your inbox

Feedback by Wherespresso allows your customers to give you candid feedback (anonymously if they wish) direct to your inbox.

As an added bonus, the cute little Wherespresso Feedback bots keep this feedback out of the public review stream.

We give your customers the option of providing their name and email, so you can follow up with them.

Case Study

I remember my favourite coffee shop near work started putting up bad coffees. We had a few bad coffees over a few days and left, and never told the owner.

There were 4 of us, each drinking 2 coffees a day and often food. Speaking to the owner a year later, he'd lost scores of customers and couldn't work out why.

All he needed was a way for us to tell him the coffees were tasting bad. Sure, we could have told him, but we felt uncomfortable, as did everyone else. He told Wherespresso he'd have killed for Feedback.

(Turns out the flouro lights in his milk fridges were breaking down one of the calciums in the milk causing them to taste metallic)

- Lost Customers Case Study, Espresso 3121.

What is a Lost Customer Worth?

Let's say your best customers buy one coffee a day - day in, day out. That's 5 per week. Most owners would agree it would be more like 7. Then there's food. Let's say your best customers are worth $5 a day, for 20 work days a month. That's $100 a month, on average.

$100 a MONTH. Let's just think about that.

How would you feel if 3 or 4 of these customers (recurring revenue, remember) swap cafes. This is a lot of dependable cash flow to lose.

Can you afford to lose $100? What about $200, $300 or $500?

What if they told 10 friends, or office colleagues, about a bad experience.

What about a review website?

What if this person is a first time visitor and is a highly influential coffee maven?

That bad experience becomes a virus.

It spreads like a cancer. Once released, it is hard to stop. Better off catching it early.

Don't you think if your most loyal, rusted on customers are worth $100 a month, and something goes bad, they're worth listening to?

Problem is, they're the ones you usually know and have struck up a friendly relationship with.

They're the ones who feel bad telling you about a bad coffee.

But they're the ones you MOST want to hear from.

They're the ones who are on Twitter telling all their buddies to try your cafe.

They're the ones spreading the word about your art.

Introducing Feedback by Wherespresso

So, what to do?

We here at Wherespresso have a solution for you.

We offer a way for you to provide a feedback mechanism to your customers.

No longer do people have to feel uncomfortable about putting their hands up and saying "Hey, something went wrong. It's cool, I just want you to know."

We give you a way to let your customers tell you electronically - anonymously if they wish.

We like to think of it as Lost Customer Protection.

Think of it as a very useful hedge against something going wrong.

Our friendly little Feedback Bot sits in the background of the Wherespresso iPhone app and website. Even if you are not registered as the owner of your cafe on our site, he will sit there collecting feedback, waiting patiently for the day you arrive. Cool, huh!

Our little bot allows customers to provide feedback - anonymously if they wish - about their visit, such as:

  • How regularly they visit
  • If their experience was good, bad or neutral
  • Whether they'll be back (this is super important)
  • The date of their visit
  • Some description of what happened
  • Whether they want you to follow up (they can then provide their contact details)


There are quantifiable and direct benefits of such a mechanism.

  • Know when something goes wrong
  • Know when something goes right
  • Follow up with customers directly
  • Let your customers give feedback anonymously, thus making them more comfortable and likely to give candid feedback
  • Quantifiable data on when things are going wrong
  • Qualified data - no malicious spam (we protect against it)
  • Perform QA on your staff and business (hand out the Give Us Feedback cards - more on this below)
  • Tell Us Not Them - keep negative feedback out of the public domain and encourage direct feedback - be seen as proactive business owner

What You Get

Each Feedback subscription gives you:

  • Email notification for every feedback - each email contains the key information.
  • A Feedback dashboard showing feedback for the last 30 days. After 30 days it is removed.
  • Posters and business card templates that you can print/hand out, to let your customers know you want their Feedback.
  • Subscription expiry warnings.
Feedback Dashboard

Tell Us, Not Them

Instead of leaking potentially harmful stories about bad experiences into the public, why not provide people the opportunity to tell you the owner (or manager) directly.

Remember, no one except the registered owner of the cafe receives or sees the Feedback.

How It Works

Every cafe listing on on our website and in the Wherespresso iPhone app has a little "Feedback" button.

To access Feedback, simply find your cafe and register as the owner - registration is free and has some other cool features.

After registering as the owner, you'll be able to add a Feedback subscription from your owners dashboard, or from here.

After you've subscribed to Feedback, you'll receive a notification and email for every new Feedback. If you haven't registered as the owner, or haven't added a subscription, we'll still collect feedback via our website and iPhone app and maintain a record of it against that cafe. When you eventually register as the owner of that cafe on our site, and sign up for Feedback, you'll get access to all the old feedback.

Perform QA on your business

As an added bonus, Feedback lets you encourage feedback from your customers, which is crucial for Quality Assurance checks on your business. You can hand out little cards (we provide you a printable template) to your customers asking for honest feedback. You can scribble the time and date on the card before handing it to them, so you'll know who was on the floor that time and day.

Got a staff member who's not living up to your high customer expectations? Well, here's a way to find out.

Got a staff member who is kicking arse and winning customers? You can find that out too and high five their hands like a crazy person - hey, why not give them a raise!

What it Costs

We currently offer 3 plans for Feedback.

  1. A month by month plan which you can cancel at any time. Currently it's $12/month. Sign up for a recurring subscription and on each billing date, we'll charge your credit card via Paypal. The pricing on this plan can change at any time with a month's notice. This plan can be cancelled at any time. Oh, and the first month is free.
  2. A 6 month plan - this is a fixed term plan. It works out a little cheaper than the month by month plan, plus you're protected against any price rises for 6 months.
  3. A 12 month plan - we love loyalty. Stick with us for 12 months and you get a discount, plus protect yourself against price rises for a whole year.

Whilst the fixed term plans have no contracts, there are no refunds for changing your mind or if you don't need Feedback anymore. Of course, if you're *really* unhappy with the service, we will refund you on a pro-rata basis.

If you Care about Customer Service, You Need Feedback, so Start Getting Feedback Now!

You have three options, choose the one that best suits your needs!

Best Value
  • Fix your cost for 1 year, Save 16% over monthly plan
  • Pay once by credit card
  • Renewal reminder before expiry
  • No refunds
In the Middle
$50/6 months
  • Fix your cost for 6 months, save 16% over monthly plan
  • Pay once by credit card
  • Renewal reminder before expiry
  • No refunds
Best Flexibility
  • First month is free
  • Uses PayPal subscription, cancel any time
  • Prices can increase with 1 months notice

Register as the owner of your cafe in order to get Feedback.

Registration as the owner is free and gives you some other tools (with more in the works).

start here

Refer a Friend, Get a Month Free

That's right! We love loyalty and hook ups. In your cafe owners dashboard there is a refer a friend button. Simply refer as many of your cafe owner friends as you'd like. For every person that signs up for a Feedback subscription, we'll give you a month Feedback, free.

You got Questions? We Have Answers!

We'll bet you have some questions. Here are the most frequently asked. Got one not listed below? Hit us up and we'll get back to you.

What is the difference between Feedback and cafe reviews?

Normal cafe reviews belong in the public review stream - any visitor to the website, or iPhone app owner, can see these reviews. Positive, negative, everything goes here. Feedback goes directly to your inbox and does not go into this public review stream - no one but you can see it.

Is it just for negative feedback?

Whilst we envisage it will mostly collect negative feedback, some customers may wish to give you and off the record high five for work well done. Positive feedback is just as useful as negative feedback.

Does it cost more if I own multiple cafes?

Only if you own more than 5 cafes. This should cover 99% of cafe owners.

This is awesome, how do I register of the owner of my cafe, so I can enable Feedback?

Search for your cafe, then look for the pink "Are you the owner of this cafe?" button in the cafe venue header. Click that button and you'll be registered in a jiffy.

I want to register my cafe but it's not listed!

That's cool. Ask one of your customers to leave a review, or better still leave a review - please do not make it spammy. We'll approve the venue listing and you're then good to go. Or, shoot us the info and we'll list it.

How do you protect against spam, like malicious feedback?

Users must be logged in with a Wherespresso account to leave you feedback. Whilst they may choose to anonymise their feedback so that you can't see their name or email (the user has that choice), we will still have a record of their username. So, if someone is being uncool we can tell them to stop it.

If I sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription, how do I know the monthly price won't go down (meaning I should have signed up for a monthly plan).

Prices will never go down for new sign ups. We don't believe in discounting. The only time pricing will go down is if you stick with us over time. We'll be introducing some loyalty discounts soon.

This all sounds awesome. Can I tell my cafe owner friends?

You sure can. In your owners dashboard there is Refer a Friend button. Share that with your owner brethren, and for every sign up to a Feedback subscription, we'll give you a month free.

What Should I do with feedback?

If you get negative feedback, and the user has passed their email and name on, it makes sense to follow up with them and apologise. They'll probably appreciate the effort and you might be able to convince them to come back to give you another chance.

How can I tell my customers about this?

In the cafe owners dashboard there will be a poster specific for your cafe, that lets your customers know about the Feedback mechanism. We'll also send you a printable A4 sheet of business cards you can hand out to customers to solicit feedback.

How Long do You Keep the Data?

Forever - as long as we're in business.

Can I export the data?

Not yet. We're working on this for release shortly.

Get Feedback Now!

You have three options, choose the one that best suits your needs!

Best Value
  • Fix your cost for 1 year, Save 16% over monthly plan
  • Pay once by credit card
  • Renewal reminder before expiry
  • No refunds
In the Middle
$50/6 months
  • Fix your cost for 6 months, save 16% over monthly plan
  • Pay once by credit card
  • Renewal reminder before expiry
  • No refunds
Best Flexibility
  • First month is free
  • Uses PayPal subscription, cancel any time
  • Prices can increase with 1 months notice

Register as the owner of your cafe in order to get Feedback.

Registration as the owner is free and gives you some other tools (with more in the works).

start here

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