Wherespresso V1.01 Bug fixes + new feature

Wherespresso V1.01 Bug-fix

Well, after over 500 downloads, I have been pretty chuffed at the lack of bugs. We’ve had some, but our core group of beta testers (6 people) caught 80% of the bugs (Pareto’s Principle in effect once again!).

However, thanks to a few people who took the time to send emails and screenshots (Steve H, DrMitcha, @ThomBrookePhoto), we found we had two bugs.

We’ve pushed an update to the AppStore, which you can now download.

Bug Fixes

  • Users were having difficulty signing up with a WSP account in-app – this is now fixed
  • Users were having difficulty signing up with Twitter (token issue) – this is now fixed
  • Cafes with long names had their names chopped off – this is now fixed

New Feature

Directions from your current location to a cafe is now included in cafe detail screen.

We’re in Constant Beta

As an aside: Wherespresso will never be done as a web-app or mobile app. Wherespresso is in constant beta.

Got an Idea for the App?

Drop a comment below or email me from the contact page. Most ideas won’t get implemented (you learn what you truly stand for when you say “no” to things), but some ideas might. Start throwing ideas at me and we’ll see what sticks.

Read more here for my philosophy on feature requests.

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