Wherespresso Philosophy: In Constant Beta

We’re in Constant Beta

As I continue to evolve the website and iPhone app, it might occur to you that Wherespresso is in constant beta.

What this means is that I will never have a perfect product. Rather, I’ll be constantly improving and refining the app.

The benefit of this approach is that you guys can throw ideas at me for the app, and help make the app better over time.

I’m already working on V1.5 of the app, which is going to have some cool new features.

They won’t be huge, just small incremental changes that incrementally improve the usability of the app.

I’m a big fan of constantly shipping. Read more here about this philosophy from the masters, 37Signals.

Get the Wherespresso iPhone App

Get V1.01 of the iPhone app here.

Got an Idea for the App?

Drop a comment below or email me from the contact page. Most ideas won’t get implemented (you learn what you truly stand for when you say “no” to things), but some ideas might. Start throwing ideas at me and we’ll see what sticks.

Read more here for my philosophy on feature requests.

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