Wherespresso iPhone App V1.02 – freezing bug fix

Wherespresso V1.02 Bug-fix

With downloads now approaching 800, the app is pretty solid now. The bugs we’re finding are the edge cases that the original beta testing didn’t pick up.

The latest version, 1.02, fixes a freezing bug whereby when you entered optional information when Adding a New Venue, then pressed “Back”, the app froze. Thanks to users Shannon L, Dan M, Chrizzle, Vadim and others for taking the time to give me the heads up.

We’ve pushed an update to the AppStore, which you can now download.

V1.03 News

V1.03 of the app will enable syncing of your favourites between the app and website. Whilst I really wanted to include it in the first version of the app, sometimes you have to make hard choices to exclude things in order to get something shipped. Given the app was 18 months late, I made the decision we could live without syncing.

This has unfortunately meant each new version of the app has caused the saved favourites list on the iPhone to be deleted. I know this is an utter pain, so this is the first thing I want to get fixed now all the bugs are pretty much fixed.

V1.03 will be released soon so stay tuned.

V1.04 onwards

There are multiple functionality sets and interface improvements slated for the app, and as usual, I’ll release those one by one to minimise the risk of new functionality causing an issue with the app.

The cafe rating input will be improved, opening hours entry fixed to be much easier; these are just to start with!

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