New Website Feature: Search

Here at wherespresso, we are constantly looking for ways to make the site easier, and better, for everyone (including ourselves) to use.

A little while ago, Sue made an excellent suggestion to include search results from surrounding suburbs. I thought that was a ripping idea, so we’ve implemented it as an option in our search. Simply check the “Include surrounding suburbs?” checkbox.

It’s not perfect yet, mainly as Google Maps doesn’t provide for an easy way to manage results along the lines of: “if search suburb = Richmond, return adjacent suburbs.”

However, we’ve tested it, and it’s pretty good.

We’re looking at implementing a solution whereby you can choose 2 levels of adjacent suburbs: close and less-close.

So anyway, please enjoy, and if you have any suggestions to improve the site, email us. You never know, we could end up implementing it, like we did for Sue. All of you guys are a lot smarter than just us!

How to search:

  1. For a suburb search, enter a suburb (or postcode), the state, and country.
  2. Enter any other information that will help filter results.
  3. Hit Search!

If you are logged in via Twitter, Facebook or your Wherespresso account, you can set your search preferences; these will be remembered.

Here’s how our search works out which results to return:

  1. For venue name searches: look for exact match (usually on venue name). If suburb is listed, only return results for that suburb, unless “Include Surrounding Suburbs” is checked by the user.
  2. For searches with no matching results, use fuzzy logic to return results that have a similarity to your search term.
  3. For all searches, apply filters to the results in line with the search variables such as Breakfast Served, Bean Type etc.
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