More Submission Form Improvements

As I have said before, the site will keep having small incremental improvements made as I identify them, or, as people email me with bugs, or suggestions for improvement.

Last night we pushed out an improvement which I’d like to describe below. This was suggested by a reader as something to look at. We had a quick look, and it made absolute sense, so we rolled it out.

This may only be of interest to some, so the key point I want to make is that this shows that the readers are helping to drive the site.

The Old Way
On the cafe submission form, when you clicked a field, the rest of the fields used to fade out. I originally implemented this as a way of removing the other fields as distractions, in order to focus the person’s mind on one signal task; to complete that field.

You can see this shown in the images below.

The Old Way

The New Way
Matthew emailed me and told me that he thought that that was a bit of overkill. He thought that each section should be faded in and out, to focus the persons mind on completing each section. Originally Matt suggested it ought to apply to the address fields. I thought it would make sense to apply it section by section.

Section now highlighted

Section now highlighted

Expect to see a couple more minor changes in how the sections are broken up, but apart from that, we’re done.

I’d be interested in hearing what you guys think.

Stay tuned for some more site improvements (focussing on making the search form easier to use) very soon.

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