Mayday Coffee – March 2012

Remember When You Were a Kid And…

You put a packet of Pop Rocks in your mouth, and they started fizzing, crackling and snapping like there was a party in your mouth?

Remember how awesomely fun that was?

Now we’re adults, such carefree hilarity is frowned upon. Well, phooey to that I say! Any world where I can’t have all kinds of intense chemical wizardry going on in my mouth is not a world I want to be a part of!

Mayday’s March Shipment is…Nicaraguan Pacamara

If you’re similarly inclined to such awesomeness, prepare to relive the outright rad-ness of your childhood with Bean Drinking’s Finca El Limoncillo Pacamara from Nicaragua. Bean Drinking are a sister company of Hario Gear (remember, if you need a grinder or other gear, hit me up for a deal) and run a cool cafe and roastery in Sydney.

I am going to have a hard time properly describing the sensational liquid delight that will bombard your mouth when you drink this coffee. It is by far and away my favourite coffee ever. I would love to play with some shots on a Slayer or commercial machine. Even on my home machine, it is an absolute CRACKER.

“Line 10 of those suckers up!” I say!

The Pacamara is a giant bean. Like, giant. Here’s a photo, next to a bean from another roaster we hope to have on board soon.

Giant Bean

Giant Bean

REGARDEZ! That is a giant mofo bean. As such, we need to treat it a little differently to eensy-weensy normal beans (the tasting notes cover all that stuff).


Importantly, this is a magical coffee. The whole beans last a very, very long time. I am still getting great coffee 1 month after receiving my batch, and it’s been at least 25 deg every day (and usually 30), and very humid.

“How do I get this Nicaraguan madness, Timbo?”

Well, that is a sterling question.

Toodle on over to the Mayday website, and either:

SIGN UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION – this is the best idea if you just want us to send you coffee once a month, and charge you for each shipment automatically. Remember, you can cancel the subscription at any time, or even pause it if for instance you’re going on holiday (I just realised I keep pushing this point; this must mean it’s really very clever). This is also the cheapest way to get coffee from us.


Buy the Pacamara as a ONCE OFF – this is a one time purchase via PayPal, so is good for a sample, or if you want to buy it as a gift.

Remember, if you have a Wherespresso login, you can create an account on Mayday with that.

Order Now

There are only 20 days until orders close, so buy now, set your calendars or subscribe for a monthly coffee subscription.

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