Got a Feature Request for Wherespresso?

Reader and beta tester madman Chris had a great feature suggestion for Wherespresso which led me to think: what other great ideas have you Wherespresso-philes got that are worth considering.

Before I throw open the floor, I’d like to highlight the Wherespresso Design Philosophy, which can be summarised thusly (yes, hugely inspired by our heroes 37Signals):

If you have an idea for Wherespresso (the site or app) I’d love to hear it. I can’t promise it will get implemented, but, if it’s a good idea, is in keeping with the Wherespresso Design Philosophy and makes the Wherespresso experience better for users, I’ll definitely consider it.

Some things to keep in mind.

  1. Features cost money. Each feature costs money to implement on the web site and in the app (2 sets of costs). Additionally, each feature causes feature loops (increased complexity). If I can’t remove a feature I generally won’t introduce one.
  2. Each feature request has to earn the right to be included (each request is met with a “no” at first).

And in case you’re worried that your request has dropped off the radar, I forget about each feature request until I keep seeing it get requested. Or, unless someone makes a really good case for it. So, don’t be upset if it appears as though it’s fallen on deaf ears; I am just making it earn its place.

So, Got a Request?

Drop your requests below in the comments.

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