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Dulce: The Healthy Sugar

An article in Melbourne’s The Age recently featured both sides of the sugar-in-coffee debate, particularly the raw versus white sugar argument. Rather than get caught up in a subjective debate, in this post we look at a delicious and healthy … Continue reading

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Video Comparison: KeepCup vs BYO Coffee Cup video compares the KeepCup and BYO Coffee Cup. Continue reading

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Review: the BYO Coffee Cup (with video)

2 days ago, Hookturn Industries asked us to remove the video from YouTube. Presumably this is because the review contained constructive criticism intended to highlight two design features I thought could be improved to make the product better.\r\n\r\nAlthough Hookturn has no legal basis upon which they can make such a request (i.e. we reviewed something in the public domain, included some personal opinion, and were very constructive), and I’d certainly be well within my rights to leave it on YouTube, and although the brand exposure from having it on YouTube would far, far outweigh a review by one person (as well as letting people make responses and video responses), we have pulled it down anyway as the hassle isn’t worth it.\r\n\r\nIn the next couple of days, the video will re-appear here hosted locally or from another video site. Continue reading

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Review: the KeepCup recyclable coffee cup

Every now and then a product comes along and punches you right between the eyes, POW! It is shocking, but not because of anything to do with it’s cutting edge features or zany pricing or whatever.

No, it strikes you for nothing else but it’s simplicity and the niche it fills…“Why didn’t someone do it like this earlier?”

The KeepCup is one of those products. Continue reading

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