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Wherespresso Submissions Working

I’m really sorry for the muck around on this, but the Wherespresso cafe submission form is back up and running. We had some bugs in the code stopping the image uploads working properly. Once again, I am really sorry for … Continue reading

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A Bonsoy Update

A little while ago, we wrote about the Bonsoy recall. Seems as though this could get a little bigger than first thought; sounds like some pretty horrific stories are coming to light. Spiral Foods are bringing a reformulated Bonsoy, but … Continue reading

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Submit a Place

In submitting your coffee place the rules are very simple (these are site and posting terms and conditions): Please, please, please be as descriptive as possible with the fields, it’s going to make things Really Awesome when I’m done doing … Continue reading

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What’s next – we need your help

Here’s what’s next on the immediate dev path for the site: 1. Advertisers/sponsors 2. Better submission form 3. Mobile 4. Google Maps mashups I have most of these covered (but if you want to help with the last 3, let … Continue reading

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