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Review: the BYO Coffee Cup (with video)

2 days ago, Hookturn Industries asked us to remove the video from YouTube. Presumably this is because the review contained constructive criticism intended to highlight two design features I thought could be improved to make the product better.\r\n\r\nAlthough Hookturn has no legal basis upon which they can make such a request (i.e. we reviewed something in the public domain, included some personal opinion, and were very constructive), and I’d certainly be well within my rights to leave it on YouTube, and although the brand exposure from having it on YouTube would far, far outweigh a review by one person (as well as letting people make responses and video responses), we have pulled it down anyway as the hassle isn’t worth it.\r\n\r\nIn the next couple of days, the video will re-appear here hosted locally or from another video site. Continue reading

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We were supposed to have our iPhone app out by now, but due to some developer issues, it’s a bit late.\r\n\r\nIn any case, we’re not far away now.\r\n\r\nI thought in the interim, I’d try and optimise the page for mobile access.\r\n\r\nWhen you browse to the page on your mobile device you will now see a mobile specific version. Continue reading

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The Geelong and Bellarine Project

I’m off to Geelong (Australia) tonight, so tomorrow presents a delicious opportunity to cafe up. I emailed La Madre for some ideas.

Thanks to La Madre (the owners of which I don’t know at all) for helping to feed the web, check em out, they make AWESOME bread.

So, here are La Madre’s suggestions. This is short notice, so if you have others, let me know (including Queenscliffe, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove – I’ve got Torquay covered).
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The Wherespresso iPhone App survey – help us build the best app for you needs your help!

I am really close to releasing this baby (I am hoping to have it out by end February; yes I should have had it done about 2 months ago, but I’ve had major trouble finding competent coders, until now) but need your help to finish the app off.

Rather than me pushing something out there that has a poor UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), I would love it if you helped me make the best possible app for everyone by answering a few questions.

I’ve constructed a survey over at Survey Monkey. It should only take you a few minutes to fill out, and your answers will help me enormously in delivering a simple, useful iPhone app for everyone. Continue reading

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Vitasoy releases Cafe-specific soy

I remarked that Vitasoy was not a serious contender for Bonsoy in the soy-that-tastes-good-in-coffee battle. My perception is that Vitasoy has much too overt a taste to remain neutral in the coffee like Bonsoy does; the soy taste is overwhelming. From a baristas point of view, it’s really hard to work with also.
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The Chapel St Project

As many a Melbournian knows, there are loads of shops on Chapel St. Riding my bike today to work, I started looking at the cafes and decided to start a Chapel St Wherespresso Project.
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Anatomy of Wherespresso’s site redesign


I know, trust me, I know.

Shocking user interface for submissions, and it looks horrible (well, at least I think so).

Wherespresso’s current site needs improvement, and believe me it is being worked on right now. Continue reading

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Health Alert: Bonsoy Soy Milk Recalled

As you might have guessed, I am a big Bonsoy fan. I think their soy milk absolutely blows their competitors out of the water in terms of taste and texture in coffee. It doesn’t impart an overt soy flavour to the coffee, rather, it sits in the background and just adds substance.

Bonsoy’s superiority is obviated by its use by most serious coffee places.

So, it is with great sadness that I need to alert you all that Bonsoy has been recalled due to excessive iodine levels (from the seaweed concentrate). The amount of iodine present in the quantity of Bonsoy in even a small latte is around 10x the daily limit.
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