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Review: the KeepCup recyclable coffee cup

Every now and then a product comes along and punches you right between the eyes, POW! It is shocking, but not because of anything to do with it’s cutting edge features or zany pricing or whatever.

No, it strikes you for nothing else but it’s simplicity and the niche it fills…“Why didn’t someone do it like this earlier?”

The KeepCup is one of those products. Continue reading

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Video: How to Make Great Coffee

Eamon at Volley Cafe was kind enough to let me come behind his machine to do some filming to show you how to keep your coffee clean and fresh, how to extract your coffee just right, how to tell a … Continue reading

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We Interview Eamon @ Volley

As I said in my review of Volley, I am right onto Volley at the moment. Eamon is ripping out some very good coffee now, plus he’s a nice dude to boot. I’ve been chatting with him a bit, and … Continue reading

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